5 Brilliant Ways To Make lotto fun

Add a bit of lotto fun to your life

Playing the lotto can be a bit of a drab if you do it the same way every time. But, if you are serious about winning, you can’t let up and stop playing. The thing is … playing lotto is an investment you make towards a better future. And if you stick to your strategy of playing every draw of your chosen Lottery Game, it may begin to get a bit tedious and you may start skipping draws. This will lower your chances to win a big lotto prize. So, why not add some spice to your lotto gaming?

  • Make lotto fun and play with friends

Get a group of friends together and start playing lotto together. You can either play the same numbers and buy more tickets or you can decide to each play individually and buying a group lotto ticket where everyone shares in the spoils.

  • Make lotto fun with a lotto party

Invite your lotto friends over for a friendly get-together on the evening of an especially huge lotto draw. Imagine the excitement if somebody in your group wins any of the many lotto prizes!

  • Lotto fun and friendly side bets

Make fun and friendly side bets with your friends to see who gets the most correct numbers drawn. The group decides whether the winner  wins another fun prize or has to do something silly. Example: at your lotto party, the winner has to serve the rest of the group with drinks and snacks or sing a song or do whatever fun idea you come up with.

  • Lotto Biggest Dream fun

Between you and your friends you can share dreams around the BBQ fire about what you would do when you win the lotto. The most outrageous idea wins a prize!

  • Lotto Spending Fun

Try to figure out how you will spend 1 million dollars in one day without “buying” more than one of each item. This usually causes frantic adding, subtracting and a lot of laughs!

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