Change your Life with Euromillions

The Euromillions lotto can change your life forever

The Euromillions lotto is truly one of the world’s largest and most popular lotteries. This giant lotto is open to South Africans too. All you have to do is register at a site such as and you are ready to put yourself in line to become an instant billionaire. Registration is free and easy.

How do you play Euromillions?

It is really easy. Once you are registered as a player, you can play as often and as many times as you wish. Draws take place twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday evening. All you have to do is to select five main numbers from a pool of 50 possible winning numbers and another two “Lucky Star” numbers from a pool of 11 numbers. To win the jackpot your five main numbers and your two “Lucky Star” numbers must match those numbers drawn.

But you do not need to be the jackpot winner to smile all the way to the bank! The Euromillions lotto pays on an amazing 13 different levels. This means that you will win a prize even if you have only three numbers right. But this will not happen unless you register to play and actually enter.

How much can I win playing Euromillions?

The Euromillions jackpot is guaranteed to be a minimum of €15 million. If there is no division prize winner, the jackpot is rolled over until it reaches a maximum amount of a staggering €190 million! Just imagine it: €190 million. In South African Rand that will make you a multi-billionaire. You will never, ever worry about money again. You will live a life of luxury beyond your wildest dreams. The prizes on the other winning levels are determined by ticket sales. Even a level 2, 3 or even level 4 prize can make you a very wealthy person.

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