How to Win Oz Lotto

The Trusted way to Win OZ Lotto

Buy a Oz Lotto Ticket

Many seasoned punters have lots of tips on how to win OZ Lotto but it all boils down to one thing – you can only ever win the lotto if you’re the holder of an official lottery ticket that sports the winning numbers.

The odds of winning a jackpot prize are big but not insurmountable.  Many lotto millionaires had bought their winning tickets on a whim. They simply took a chance and it paid off. Each and every person who buys a lotto ticket stands the chance to strike gold. The first step to raking in lotto millions is to purchase a lotto ticket.  Get your lottery ticket today. Buy it online or get it at conveniently situated lotteries booths.

Play the Game

Scores of ordinary, run-of-the-mill folk who’d dare to invest in lottery tickets are now smiling all the way to the bank. They knew that to win OZ Lotto they’d to play the game. That’s just what they did. They bought tickets and were lucky enough to strike gold. They now have money in their pockets and the world’s their oyster.

Some lotto prize winners spend their winnings on well-deserved vacations, mansions, and fancy cars. Others invest it for a rainy day. You can do whatever strikes your fancy with your lotto money. Imagine having extra cash in your pocket to do with as you please. Fancy a new car, a bigger house, a vacation on a tropical island? It may just be within your reach if you play lotto and win big.

Here’s how it works

OZ Lotto consists of 7 prize divisions. On Tuesday evenings 9 numbers are picked from among 45 balls marked 1-45. The first 7 numbers drawn are the 7 jackpot numbers. If your lucky ticket holds all 7 numbers, you win Division 1. The numbers on the other two balls determine prizes in Divisions 2, 4 and 7.

You too can stand a chance to win OZ Lotto. Buy your ticket today and enter the draw.


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