Life Truths that will make you stronger

The Value of Life Truths

Every generation learns from those before and rightly so. We learn from the mistakes our forefathers made, but we also find valuable lessons in the life truths they bestow on us.

Life Truths #1: Make your own Decisions

Decide what you, as a unique individual want. You may be a part of various groups  –  your family, group of friends, clubs and  societies – these groups all have different agendas. These groups and the people they represent have an impact on you and your way of thinking, the same way you influence them. You rub off on each other. Do not allow other people to make decisions for you. Listen to advice, but make your own decisions.

Life Truths #2: Persevere

When you are working towards a goal, you may encounter quite a number of potholes in your path. The important thing is to persevere in times of difficulty. Stop, take stock of your situation and move forward again. It may be hard today, but after a while, you will be glad you walked the extra mile.

Life Truths #3: This too shall pass

You know that sinking feeling you get when things seem to spiral out of control and nothing seems to go right? Just remember that nothing is permanent. Bad days are just that – bad days. Do not get discouraged when life seems to frown upon you. That is the time when you have to grit your teeth and step up your game.

Life Truths #4: Let go of your Ego

Nobody will think less of you if you ask questions. It is better to know what you are doing instead of guessing and making a mess. Let go of your ego and be honest when you do not understand something.

Life Truths #5: The School of Failure

We learn more from our mistakes than we learn from our successes. If and when you fail or make a mistake, take some time to determine what went wrong. How can you fix the problem? What can you do to never make the same mistake again?

Gain knowledge every day of your life and pay heed to these important and valuable life truths.


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