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Kickass Prize Divisions

Australia’s OZ Lotto brings punters 7 kickass prize divisions.  On Tuesday evenings 9 lucky numbers are randomly picked from a machine that holds 45 balls numbered 1-45. The first 7 balls drawn represent the 7 jackpot numbers. If your 7 numbers match the lucky 7 drawn, you win Division 1. The numbers on the remaining 2 balls determine exciting prizes in Divisions 2, 4 and 7.

Your Dreams May Come True

Most players who take a punt on OZ Lotto are ordinary people with dreams and aspirations like the rest of us. They play the game in the hope that they’ll strike it lucky and win big. Taking into account the dire economic circumstances playing out on a global stage today, extra cash will definitely come in handy for just about everyone we know. Winning a cash-flushed bank account will go a long way in having all your dreams come true.

Imagine going on a well-deserved vacation to the Bahamas, buying a luxurious, seaside villa or investing in a sexy supercar. Spending all those marvelous lotto millions promises to be serious fun! Stop dreaming and start doing! Buy your lotto ticket today and position yourself for the lucky draw. Remember, you need to be in the game to stand a chance to win.

He Won $30 million

An anonymous man in his 40’s decided to take a chance on OZ Lotto in March 2014 and bought a lotto ticket. He proceeded to win the entire Division 1 prize of $30 million!  His ticket held all 7 lucky numbers drawn. The lucky punter said he looked forward to an early retirement.

Buy your lotto ticket today and you too may be looking forward to an early retirement.


Play Oz Lotto for BIG cash NOW!


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