Rags to Riches with EuroMillions

Dream more with EuroMillions

What would you treat your loved ones on if you were to miraculously find your bank account flushed with lottery cash?

Dare to dream of a better life for your family

You have been living frugally all your life, running your small household on a ridiculously tight shoestring budget. You work your butt off to eke out a meager existence for you and your family. There never seems to be any money left by month end for the important things in life. Your kids do not even dare to dream of having what most other children take for granted, heck, they do not dream at all – they know you cannot afford it.

You wish you can do more for your family. They deserve so much more than what you can give them. You try to save as much as you can so that one day you can surprise them with a seaside holiday at the closest beach. Every month, though, something goes wrong or breaks and you have to use up your savings to fix it.

Did you know that some of the most wealthiest people in the world today once felt like you do now? Their hopes and dreams became reality when they won big-time on the lottery.  They purchased a lottery ticket, got their numbers right and pocketed obscene amounts of money. Cash-flushed, they treated their families and friends extravagantly without sparing a second thought for where the money was supposed to come from – it was already in their bank accounts, just waiting to be spent!

They treated family and friends with EuroMillions

  • Colin and Chris Weir, a 30-year long married couple from Large, Scotland, won a whopping £161 million on the EuroMillions in 2011. The couple, who have two children, splashed cash on their family.  They bought their friends brand new cars.
  • Dave and Angela Dawes, from Cambridgeshire, vowed to make family and friends millionaires after scooping £101 million in the EuroMillions draw in 2011.  In an article by Richard Alleyne, Dave was quoted to have said, “Any one who has helped us through our life. We intend to make them millionaires, it is not just going to be us.”

How YOU can treat your own loved ones with EuroMillions

Your loved ones are the joy of your life.  You work hard to provide in their needs and to keep a roof over their heads.   You will do anything to make them happy and ensure their futures.  Just imagine how you will treat them if you win the EuroMillions jackpot!

Some ideas with which to treat those special people in your life:

  • Tour the world and visit their favorite holiday destinations.
  • Set your kids up for life by paying for their education and gifting them with trust funds.

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